New town

new town

So we’re in a new town, where we know no one and have no connections. And I need to find a preschool for my three-year-old…hhrruummff! (How do you spell the sound I’m making?) I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education…so…I’ve seen some AMAZING examples of great preschools. I have also seen some I wouldn’t trust leaving my dog in. And this makes me very, very nervous. I think I’ll know the bad ones. I think I’ll know the good ones – but how do I decipher this from a listing of 30 schools?

new town
I really do not want to visit all of these schools multiple times and then find out that the ones I want are full because I spent so much time running around! (I keep thinking there has to be a business plan here somewhere – a service that would do this for you? A website dedicated solely to parent reviews (instead of 80 sites with one review each)? a questionnaire you fill out and get magically matched to your perfect preschool?)

mt everest
I know it’s a matter of biting the bullet and getting it done. But someone out there, please share a little secret that makes it a little easier! I feel like I’m staring up at Mt. Everest! Oh, and my little boy is going to school :”’( –I know he’s ready for a few hours of school a week – but I’m not!

Logan’s Favorite Outdoor Activities

Relaxing on a Hammock

Relaxing on a HammockI like taking my kids out to play especially when the weather is great. It’s a fun activity and I also get to do some little bit of activity with them. Logan and his little brother love the outdoors and he has some favorite outdoor games he adores. If you are wondering what to do with your kids in summer, here is the list I created for you guys!

Do you have a hammock in your backyard?

If you already have a hammock in your backyard, snuggle close with your kids and sway the evening away as you soak in the setting sun. Watch out for things in the clouds as they change or read out books for each other.

Wash and dry

Water brings instant fun to any outdoor activity, so you can try a bucket of suds on a warm day. Fill the pail with water, pour in some drops of baby shampoo so that even if it gets into their eyes it doesn’t hurt and then give them some clean sponges. Ask your kids to clean up their rides: bikes, ride-ons and tricycles. When they have cleaned up their vehicles with soap, help them to hold the hose for a total rinse down. Let them dry their rides with old rugs or towels. And then to cap off the fun, ride around the block with them.

Do your garden together

Kids can be of help in the garden if guided properly. They can pull up weeds and sprinkle the flowers with a small watering can. Introducing them early to the wonders of nature is an excellent way of stimulating their curiosity about the world. In addition, growing a plant gives your kid a very big sense of achievement. To get started with this activity is simple: simply transplant already growing seedlings into pots that are filled with good potting soil. Keep them in the containers as they grow or plant them on the ground if you like it that way. The best veggies to get started with are tomatoes, basil and green beans. It will be so much fun for your kid to watch them grow and they will definitely love it.

Rain dance

dancing in the rain
Surprise your kids by taking them outside when it’s drizzling in the summer. Dress them up in swimsuits and gumboots and dance as you catch raindrops in your hands or mouths while jumping puddles.

Get out of your backyard

Time to hit the streets! Try this fun outdoor activity that will give your kids the opportunity to choose the route they’d like you to take. Begin by drawing arrows on some cards, pack them and start your walk. When you come to a junction on the road, give your kid a chance to determine the route you will take. On the way, you can play a game of guessing what you are likely to see on the block next; a white gate, a birds nest…you get the drift.

Your cuties will absolutely love these outdoor games. I’d also love to hear your tot’s favorite outdoor activities too!

The ABC’s – Letter D

Letter D

Well…our household has been a bit under the weather lately. So the name of the game has been survival. In fact if you knocked on my door I would be mortified of the mess inside my house. *sigh* But that’s just not as important as sleep and Logan’s play time. But we’ve been slowly plugging through letters. Really slowly.
Letter D was virtually unknown to him for some reason. He always identifies it as the letter with a “straight line in back and one bump in front”. But can’t remember to label it as “D.” Not sure why. But I finally moved on. Beating it to death isn’t going to help and we just weren’t progressing. Definitely on the list to re-visit later.
Anyway…for our D days we dug out the old dinosaur costume (he wore when he was about 1-year-old – we pretended it was a crocodile at the time) and he REALLY wanted to wear the whole costume. So we tried it on…

Letter D
And unbelievably it went on!!! I’m pretty sure he’s sporting a major wedgie under that tail though. He was in heaven until he started overheating. We did a bunch of other activities, but I’m tired. So I’m going to list them below and post the picture of the “dangerous dinosaur” we made out of the letter D.

Letter D
I sure hope we find some energy around here. We’re mostly well now, just still really tired!
Letter D day:
• Dangerous Dinosaur paper craft (see above)
• Daddy
• Dolphin
• Dog
• Deer
• Duck
• Dragon
• Diapers
• Diamond
• Donkey
• Doctor
• Dots
• Doll
• Dime
• Dollar
• Dancing
• Songs: We Are the Dinosaurs
• Label “D” body parts: Dimples
• Special snacks: Doughnuts

Logan Napping

logan napping

Today is the first nice day we’ve had in awhile and all the windows are open with a lovely breeze blowing through the house. And Logan wanted to keep his window open for nap – but usually his room is very dark for nap. He insisted.

logan napping

And this is how I found him when I checked on him. Wrapped in the blanket with the most air inlet. Crazy kid!

Time For Mommy To Do Some Pampering

washing my-long-hair

washing my-long-hairWhen you are a stay at home mom, some things just stay at the back log of your mind. You always keep reminding yourself that you will get to them at the end of the day, but a month down the line, you have done nothing at all! So today, Logan’s dad has agreed to baby sit for a couple of hours. I asked them to go the park so that I can tidy up the mess my house has become. I have planned for every minute of the time I have today. I hope I won’t get too lazy to do all the stuff I have in mind.

Finally I will unpack all these cartons and perhaps bake. It’s been a while since I had something in the oven although I must confess I’m not really a fan of cooking. Give me a piece of paper and a pair of scissors and I will create something for you. Anyway, Logan’s dad has a sweet tooth and I think Logan is following in his footsteps.

My number one to do list is to wash my hair and do some home facial, manicure and pedicure. It’s been a while since I had one. With Logan’s super activities keeping me on my feet all day, I think it’s time I gave myself some nice pampering before they come. I am one mom who loves doing her hair at the comfort of my house and you will rarely find me at the salon. Unless my sister drags me there! I always feel that I can do something else better with the money I will spend at the salon. And since I am on a very tight budget for the best part of this year, let me stick to my at home hair care routine.

I prefer starting with my hair, face and then pedicure. I have so many facial and pedicure products in my house, some of which I have never used. But these will come in handy now that we have moved into a new town and I barely know my way. Furthermore, nowadays I spend most of my time on my couch. I think my pregnancy has something to do with all these lazing around!

I use my home foot spa machine which I was given as a Christmas present by my mom (she knows I hate going to salons). It’s a great way to get relaxed and massaged as I file my finger nails or scrub my face. Sometimes I use homemade facial scrub with just my kitchen ingredients and other times use a store bought one. Today since I do not have so much time to prepare my homemade facial scrub, I will just grab my store one and get down to business. It’s not every day I get a helping hand with Logan so I have to use every minute I have properly.
It doesn’t take me long to do a complete makeover and I’m feeling so energized! I never forget my hydrating serum. It makes my facial skin glow and I love how it protects me from aging! I even feel like applying some make up. So I pick up my make up kit and doll myself up before my “men” get home. Now Logan will be surprised when he sees mommy looking so lovely! Can’t wait to see the expression on his face!
Oops I forgot I still have cartons to unpack! But they are still not home yet. I’m off to take care of that. So moms don’t forget to get some time for yourself. You will see it instantly uplifts your spirits and makes you energized. Don’t get lost in bringing your kids up!

The ABC’s – Letter E

Letter E

For letter E, I figured we have an easier time remembering…but it’s kinda the same story as D was…he can’t really remember what to call the letter. Though he identifies it as the one we’re on. Maybe this approach isn’t working??? I’ll keep at it for awhile but if this trend continues we may scrap it and try something else…what, I’m not sure yet.
There’s about a million “E’s” all over the house since there’s always a ton of E’s in the poster-letter packs – which is what we’re using for letters around the house.
The elephant we made really isn’t all that elegant – and Logan wasn’t sure what that meant. So he’s our Excited Elephant.

Letter E

Lohg really doesn’t eat eggs. He’ll try them, as he does all foods. But he practically gags everytime. So I’m not forcing the issue on this food.
I also didn’t write “EAR” on his ear. We talked about it, but didn’t think it would be worth the trouble of labeling his tiny ear-lobe since it’s nearly impossible to see your own ear!
Kind of at a loss for “E.” Feel like I’m burning out! But maybe it’ll get better with the more exciting letters coming up
Letter E day:
• Exciting Elephant paper craft (seen first at Totally Tots.)
• Elephant
• Eggshell Crafts
• Egg-dying
• Envelope
• Eating
• Songs: Do Your Ears Hang Low
• Label “E” body parts: Ears
• Special snacks: Eggs (hard boiled esp)

Pirate Eye Patch

Pirate Eye Patch

What do you know?!?!? I HAVE been making things! LOL! I was emptying my camera’s memory card and came across a few projects that I’d taken pictures of, then completely forgotten about. I’m sure everyone’s tired of this excuse…but I promise when this baby makes his exit, most of my brain cells will return. At least they better!

Pirate Eye Patch
One of the really small ones that has gotten HUGE love from Logan is his pirate eye patch.
He LOVES VeggieTales, and especially the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. So for Easter, we gave him a little candy, a few small trinkets, set up an egg hunt around the house for him…and got him a simple pirate costume.
We found the hat at a museum in Omaha – which is what started the costume idea off. I found the glow-sword at wal-mart. But could not find an eyepatch ANYWHERE. Even a really junky one! So, I made one.

I sacrificed a black can-koozie and cut the eye patch to my desired shape/size. Hand sewed some elastic to it…and voila! He loves this silly thing! I still find him wearing it sometimes – and it’s been close to 3 months!

Emily’s Birthday Necklaces


Welp, it’s Emily’s birthday! So last week I bought some beads that made me think of her and put together four necklaces…





necklacesI did it with the intention of being able to wear them all together for the hip layered (I see it as junk draped on your neck) look that’s in right now. Maybe this is it? I wouldn’t wear them together but then again, I’m never in fashion while the fashion is in.

birthday necklaces for emily

So, take that for what it’s worth. Emily will wear them beautifully. Of that, I’m confident! Happy Birthday Emily!

Tummy Time Mat

Tummy time

Tummy timeI found this fabric for super cheap and knew that it would work great for a new baby so I tucked it away and figured I’d think of something to make with it!
But it’s not quite enough to make a quilt with…too big to waste on just burp clothes…hmmm….Then I decided on a tummy time mat (I know it’s completely unnecessary. But who cares?) So I padded it with an UGLY fleece blanket I wanted desperately to part with and stitched around each animal. Then backed it with a cloud-patterned flannel. Made a few tacks at random places so it wouldn’t turn funny when washed and voila!
Plenty big to roll around on when you’re still kinda immobile! but I need to watch Logannot to spill on it. Last time he got sharpie on my cloth and I had to search the internet to find ways to clean it off. Here is the page I followed to remove sharpie mark if you are interested.

Tummy time
But small enough it’ll fit in the diaper bag to go!

Getting back on the horse

Gosh, it’s amazing how fast life gets away from you! Seems like I’ve been under the weather with one thing or another for the past month! Definitely tired of being sick! But I’m finally on the mend (I’m knocking on wood, I will not catch the next bug going around. I just won’t!) and hopefully can work on a few projects in the next few days. On my list:
– feather headpieces (for my sister-in-law’s wedding)
– a gorgeous burnt orange dress that I’ve been working on for a couple years and would really like to finish sometime soon! Geez, it’s been longer than that! This was for before I was pregnant with Logan (4 years ago!) Yikes!
– another nursing cover for a friend
– more baby projects cuz the stuff is so darn cute!
– more jewelry (I even have new ideas! Not sure how well they’ll translate to the actual project but I am excited!)
– Easter projects (one that takes no brains or much forethought but I am SUPER-STOKED about I found at pinterest)

Even thinking of all this stuff makes me kinda want to get off the couch and get busy. But maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…